COMPUSTAT Subscribers

Access to the COMPUSTAT database servers at CHASS is restricted to registered subscribers. If you attempt to invoke the COMPUSTAT database, connection attempts will be refused to non-subscribers. For subscription information please send e-mail to Chris Leowski.

There are two Data Centre servers at CHASS that run in load-balancing and fail-over mode: and "dc1" and "dc2" names are also aliased to "datacenter1" and "datacenter2" (as well as "datacentre1" and "datacentre2"). Thus, all URL's listed below are legitimate:

The following universities and agencies have currently access to the COMPUSTAT database via CHASS Data Centre Web servers:
1. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario (CHASS Data Centre Host)

A number of other universities - not listed here - may have short-term temporary access to the COMPUSTAT database WWW server at CHASS for demo purposes.

If you experience technical problems and your university or agency is included in the list above, please send e-mail to CHASS support, or leave a phone message at (416) 978-2535.

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